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Atookwa' Character Jot - Mahikan (Proper) by Unum-Ales-Angeli Atookwa' Character Jot - Mahikan (Proper) by Unum-Ales-Angeli
Facking eh! I changed my mind again. How is this surprising?

Haha, this took me forever!! But I think it was worth it. I like it. I'm proud.

I've been really into the works of :iconoomizuao: and :icontracyjb: lately. I adore "Spike" and "Lackadaisy". And something that I noticed with both of these lovely women's styles, as well as :iconphobs:'s works, it's that they have this ability to give each of their characters a unique look. So much so that if you take off hair and clothes and that, you can still recognize the characters, baldness and nakedness aside.

Specifically with :icontracyjb: and :iconoomizuao:'s works, they also draw anthropomorphic characters. And I personally adore it.

But also, I noticed and realized how much easier it would be for me to separate races if I used anthrop. characters! Obviously I'm going to work on people and being able to learn how different races have different head structures, etc. But for some reason I have it in my head that learning to draw animals will help with my drawing people.

Don't frikkin ask because I don't know.

But anyway, I figure that there's also symbolism behind my making animal characters. You'll see why.

And I apologize if this Artist comment makes zero sense. It's 10:30p here and I haven't been getting the bestest of sleep lately, so I'm kind of out of it.

I'd stay to upload more characters, but I also have a meeting/business dealing at 9:15 tomorrow morning because dad doesn't want to do it :P

So, here's Mahikan!

And don't give me any crap about literalness. You have never seen me go full literal.

Also, sorry for the ass-ugly watermarks, I really don't want this stolen.
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January 14, 2013
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