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deviation in storage by Canadian-Rainwater
Uhm, guys. I moved accounts. THIS is my new account: :iconlose-not-thy-nature: lose-not-thy-nature.deviantart…

I don't know why so many people are still sending me notes and stuff at this account. Not to be rude, but what the crap. Please, if you want to get a hold of me PLEASE go to my other account! I'm there, not here!


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Artist | Student | Varied
I'm mostly just a hobbyist artist, but I am also learning a lot as time passes. And hope to one day be published.

I watch YouTube when I draw, it helps me concentrate, it makes me laugh, and if I'm having some trouble with anatomy or clothes or anything, really, I can just look up and check out what I need to. Sometimes I use it to listen to music, but sometimes I throw on some of my favourite YouTubers (keep reading for my out of order top ten).

I enjoy video games. I wouldn't go so far as to call me a gamer, they seem to get a bad rep. And with the modern interpretation of a gamer, it paints a bad picture of what I do. I play games for amusement (or "artisting" as I call it, more on that at the bottom). I do get really worked up when I play games though. It's not uncommon to have me yelling at the game and possibly rage-quitting.

I like most everything, there isn't too much I don't like... except malicious trolls. I don't like them. I can normally troll normal trolls back, but malicious trolls just scare me. Death threats and stuff like that... are terrifying. Oh. I dislike my temper too... I have a bit of one.

I have a thing for many things, and if you choose to get to know me or even if you read my artist's comments, you will learn this really fast.

I like to read and write as well as draw. I prefer traditional media, but can work in digital programs. I don't own a tablet though and my plug in mouse is "in the shop". Anything I draw digitally I draw with the touchpad that's built in to the laptop.

I now have a Bamboo Splash tablet :D

Uhm... I get excited really easily. So if I seem eccentric, or even crazy, I'm not... I just get excited over little (seemingly stupid) things all the time.

English is my first language, but I can speak a bit of French. And even smaller amounts of Latin, Spanish, and I'm learning a bit of Norwegian (because I can).

I do not consider myself an Otaku. Even though I do draw in the Anime/Manga style and watch/read some anime/manga... I just don't. I don't excessively fan over them, I don't wish I was Japanese or whatever... no offense to any Otaku's reading this. I'm just not one of you.

I am a Christian. But I'm not the kind that's going to try and convert you or any of that, so I'd appreciate if the sentiment remains the same on the other side of the coin (conversation). I do, however, enjoy deep conversation. So I will answer questions, if anyone has them, about my faith. And the only real reason why I am putting it in my info is because a lot of people don't know this until after they've known me for a long time. I can't count the number of people that have turned away from me, or insulted me, or the number of guys who dumped me because I am Christian. Like it's a crime. Pff.

Also, check out a couple of my friends :D
RocketJumpSoldie337, he's awesome :D
GabrielRaven, I love his writing and he's a really awesome dude :D
Sayomi-Gosenchi, she writes Hogo Seishin, of which I am drawing the comic for
and micneamol, he's a great guy too!

Top Ten (plus) YouTubers in No Particular Order:

Sean Klitzner
Nicepeter & EpicLloyd
Jenna Marbles
Epic Meal Time
Shane Dawson
+ College Humour
+ Ray William Johnson
+ Artist Gamer Gal
+ Gwatsky
+ AVByte

Artisting (verb)

The act of admiring or criticizing various artistic elements in seemingly random parts of daily life.

ie: "I was artisting while watching that movie. The costumes were so well done!"
"I couldn't stop artisting! The graphics in that game were terrible!"
"I AM ARTISTING SO HARD RIGHT NOW. You're living room looks fabulous! All the colours and layouts compliment each other PERFECTLY."

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If my work is appreciated it would be nice to know. There are many ways to go about this, and this is one way :) Thank you very much for your donations, they're very helpful... And thank you very much even without donations. You're still awesome :D

Payments for Requests also come here, thank you!! :meow:

^The goal is set at an impossibly high number just coz. I don't really actually expect to receive this much ;p

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